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Contour Sculpting Face Roller

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  • V-SHAPED LIFTING DESIGN: Unique V-shaped rollers can massage the face and other parts of your body (arm, leg, buttocks, breasts...) and can achieve the effect of body slimming, face lifting, skin tightening, and relieve fatigue when you feel tired.
  • MASSAGE TOOL: Improves skin elasticity and restores cell activity. Promotes blood circulation, and accelerates metabolism.
  • 3D ROLLER DESIGN: The rollers rotate 360-degree to effectively massage the skin. Tightens loose muscle, strengthens the lifting effect, effectively lift-up, and restores skin firmness.
  • CONVENIENT SAFE USE: Suitable to massage the face and other parts of your body. Using this tool can help to shape facial contours, face lifting, skin tightening, and stimulate muscles.
  • IDEAL FOR GIFT: It is compact and lightweight enough to carry anywhere. It will be the perfect gift for your Family, Friends, Skincare Addicts, and Yourself!



Shapes facial & body contours

Firms and tightens the skin

Tones muscles

Promotes relaxation, soothing

Improves blood circulation

Accelerates metabolism


You can use the Contour Sculpting Roller on the face or body. Use it at different angles to increase massage efficiency.

Face & Neck Massage: Gently roll the Contour Sculpting Roller over the jawline and cheekbones. Glide the rollers from the shoulder towards the jawline.

Body Massage: Massage the arms by moving the rollers from the wrist towards the armpit. To massage the chest area, gently move the rollers from the armpit to the center of the chest. Massage the waist by moving the rollers up and down. Massage the thighs by moving the rollers along the leg contours from the ankle to the thighs.



Executive Standard: Q/XMMJ1019-2016

Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches

Shipping Weight: 3.5 ounces

Package includes:
1*Main Machine
1*Storage Bag
1*Cleaning Cloth

  1. What is the Contour Sculpting Roller?

The Contour Sculpting Roller is a massage tool that uses spinning rollers to massage the body and face. Using this massage tool will help to shape contours and firm the skin.


  1. Why is it good to massage the face & body with this rolling tool?

This tool massages the skin pulling it up to lift and firm the complexion. Using this tool also increases blood circulation and relieves fatigue.  


  1. Can I use The Contour Sculpting Roller if I am pregnant or nursing?  

No. Please do not use this product if you are pregnant or currently nursing.  


  1. Can I use this tool on the face and eyes?

You can use this tool on your face. However, do not use it near the eye contour. This area is very delicate and needs special care. Check our eye care devices here.


  1. How often should I use the Contour Sculpting Roller?

You can use the Contour Sculpting Roller daily or according to your own needs and preference.


  1. Can I use this device with skincare products?

Yes, you can use this device with your favorite facial cream or body lotion. The cream will allow the rollers to glide effortlessly across your skin.


  1. I feel this tool is not gliding smoothly on my skin. What can I do?

Apply lotion to your skin. The wetness of the lotion will help the rollers glide smoothly.

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Contour Sculpting Face Roller
Contour Sculpting Face Roller

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